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Life Between the Lines

Laura Fitzgerald – Beautifully Broken

“POETRY has proven to be a lifeline for a Killaloe woman in overcoming depression and breaking a cycle of pain sparked by childhood trauma…
At an early age, she developed a love of writing and turned to poetry to help her explore difficult issues and the sense of having been born irreversibly broken
Ultimately, Beautifully Broken, is a collection laced with hope and optimism. There is a deep sense that, for Laura, “as life endures, my story unfolds / another new chapter to be told.”

You can read the entire interview with the poet. HERE

photo credit: John Kelly

“The poems are often very raw,” Laura said. “I want to write from the soul. I don’t shy away from issues. It also means people contact me to say they have had the same emotions. When we write and share poetry, we realize that we are not alone. I take great comfort from that.”

“I had a memory of sweeping up a collection of porcelain dolls which were broken during an argument, and some of them stained with blood. I knew I had to capture that image and begin to deal with that memory.”

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