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Bob Freville, author of The Proud & the Dumb
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REVIEWS – Music is Over! – Ben Arzate

Poverty, Power & Pornography
In a Ben Arzate story, you shouldn’t expend energy by comparing it to anything else because it will turn on a dime, heading in a wholly different direction from where it started out.

In spite of its basis in this esoteric bit of underground rock history, Music is Over is not an oral rock biography, nor is it the noise rocker’s long-awaited autobiography. The book’s jacket might suggest an American bizarro take on Céline’s Journey to the End of the Night, but it isn’t that, either.

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Goodreads Review:
Moon Mayor – Chris Meekings

This book seriously had a little bit of everything inside. There’s zombies, alien invasion, pixies, bears, Mr. Frosty. I did get lost about half way through this read because it was SO much more bizarre than I had anticipated, but I pushed through and I’m glad I did because this story was incredible. The cover is stellar and in typical bizarro fashion, the story goes out on a killer note 🤣 3/3.5 🌟

Goodreads Review:
Exercise Bike – Carlton Mellick III

What a bizarre read! I loved the concept of the health food dystopia. It was a pretty original and creative idea. I could imagine the bike and the outfits and the bike store perfectly. I giggled a lot while reading, was even appalled a few times! The ending wasn’t at all what I was expecting. Overall, this was a fun read. It kept me entertained. 4 🌟

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Books Read in February:

Even Wimps Can Be Alien Overlords – Ben Fitts (Self Published 2020)
Everafter Volumes 1-2 – ComiXology – (Vertigo 2017)
Eyeheart Everything – Mykle Hansen – (Mykle Systems Labs 2000)
Machine Smile – Gina Ranalli – (Bloo Skize Dark 2015)
Mutagon II – Jamie Grefe – (Dynatox Ministries 2014)
Mutants of Mugwump – Frank J. Elder and Friends – (Godless 2022)
Moriah – Daniel Mills – (Zagava Books 2017)

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Stories and Poems by:

As Dark the Night – Nicole Givens Kurtz
Clawing Through Mud as More Leaves Silt Down, as Plastic Bags, as Cast-Off Bottles – Romie Stott
Fracking-lution – Linda D Addison
Home is Where the Howl Is – John Claude Smith
Hopital Automatique – D. Harlan Wilson
How Does Your Garden Grow – Gene Flynn
It Calls To You – Jamal Hodge
Kolkata’s Little Girl – Alessandro Manzetti
Madre Tempesta – John Palisano
MAERO – Lee Murray
Making Friends – Angela Yuriko Smith
Mother Eve – Marge Simon
My Farther’s Ashes – Philip Fracassi
Raven-Wolf – Cindy O’Quinn
Ruination of the Gods – Chris McAuley & Claudia Christian
Savages Anonymous – Alicia Hilton
Scoocoom of Big Rock Mountain – Michael Knost
Slo-Mo – Michael Bailey
Strange Progeny – Bruce Boston
Vis-a-vis – Jeffrey Thomas
Introduction by: James Aquilone
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