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July in Review

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Letters of the month T and O

July was another busy month. We would like to thank all the readers out there who has purchased our books during our SUMMER HORROR DEAL and SUMMER POETRY SALE. We have our Bizarro Sale starting soon and a few more FREEBIES.

OversightOversight by Michael Bailey
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Darkroom is brilliant blindfolded horror that unfolds a past of childhood dramas. The traverse throughout the house with the sisters and their progress to create a photo album of their late father sleeping in a chronological reverse is creepy to the end. I could see this story as a A24 movie production.

SadFace is a futuristic mental illness story that follows one woman’s path to hide her true self to only face the sadness in the end. This novella I did not care for so much, but the consequences that unravel gives the story its interesting ending.

Signed Bookplate Edition # 36/60

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Tender is the FleshTender is the Flesh by Agustina Bazterrica
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Grotesquely equipped dystopia, disturbing and rich cannibalism cuisines. 4.5 ⭐️

Other Books READ:
Tortured Willows: Bent. Bowed. Unbroken. (Yuriko Publishing 2021)
Three Little Birds – Tim Murr (Godless 2021)
Our Blood In Its Blind Circuit – J. David Osborne (Broken River Books 2013)

TIK TOK QUEEN – Samantha Hawkins

Samantha scored an advance readers copy from Last Waltz Publishing Set to release on September 27th from Heather Miller.

This is my first read by Miller and I’m actually more familiar with her as a reviewer than an author 🤭. I was sent this copy in exchange for a honest review as a part of her launch team. 

I thought everything about this book was just fabulous. The opening is wonderful and really reeled me in. I also really liked the authors notes about each story that Miller attached at the end. These stories are all super eerie and creepy. They’re the perfect type of tales to tell around a campfire or on a dark stormy night. The first story “Vice” really spoke to me and set the entire tone for the novel. I’ve been searching for shadows ever since 🤣

“Beneath The Bed” and “Girl’s Best Friend” still literally give me goosebumps to think about. They are scenarios that could totally happen, especially “Beneath The Bed” and I get serious shivers when I think about either of these stories. “The Cold Man” touched on a question I’ve had since i was a kid… why do we wake up sometimes with a part of our body much colder than the rest? 🥶 “Crybaby Bridge” is so heartbreaking and raw and my heart aches when I think about the descriptions inside this story. 

This amazing collection is set to release  September 27th 2022 and you definitely need to get it added to your TBR. All of the stories inside would be great fall reads and they’ll keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end. 5 🌟

Samantha brings one of her favorite reads back from May:
Ross Jeffery – Only the Stain Remains


“Only The Stains Remain” by Ross Jeffrey

♬ original sound – Samantha Hawkins

The Lovely Karla Peterson reviews:

Their fate now belongs to the OGRE!

Set deep in the woods that feeling of isolation is ever creeping. Young campers having fun; sunbathing, skinnydipping, campfires and making whoopee. Lots of children are ready to have adventures at the campground. But the beast has arrived and it is hungry. Panic ensues as it feeds; viscera is flying everywhere, the crunching of bones can be heard and the bodies are piling up. Reminiscent of the classic 80’s slasher films, or as the author mentions in the Afterword, “Woodland Horror films.” A nostalgic creature feature that will surely please any fan of the genre!! **READ HER FULL REVIEW HERE**

Tales From the Parkland is a collection of 11 short stories and a novella. Including many horror filled themes: Aliens, oversized creepy crawlies, a childhood bogeyman, zombies, a serial killer in the making, monsters under the stairs, computer mishaps, a date night gone wrong, acid rains, altered personalities from strange weather, nightmarish realities, and a creature feature apocalyptic fight for survival. Brutality, paranormal activity, alien invasions, revenge, mutants, abhorrent characters and more.

Many of these stories had main characters that were children. That was a whole new level of creepiness. The fact they had to fight their own fears by themselves, to me that is entirely frightening. A few of these ended with a big surprise and my jaw dropped in shock. Mission accomplished. With all the themes there are surely many spine tinglers. Producing those heebie jeebies, checking around corners for shadows, and listening for strange noises. **READ HER FULL REVIEW HERE**

Karla also read The Tower by William Pauley III. William is one of my favorite authors and I highly recommend the “Bedlam Bible Series” or anything from the DOOM FICTION CATALOG!
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