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Coming Soon


When young Sarah McPhee discovers a beautiful blue rose growing in the garden, it transports her imagination to a new world – one filled with blue rose horses and blue rose streams. But there’s a gray city nearby this wondrous world, one where a boy is trapped, sad and scared. Now it’s up to Sarah to do whatever she can to help him and, in doing so, discover the magic of The Boy with the Blue Rose Heart. Brought to life with gorgeous illustrations from the wonderful Luke Spooner.

UPDATE: We have sent the files over to the printers, which quoted an 8-10 week turnaround. When the books arrive we will begin shipping out Preorders. Reminder if you ordered a copy overseas additional fees may apply. If you have further questions please email us. If you have already emailed us in regards to your copy, then we will reply soon. Thank you!
hybridsequencemedia (at) gmail (.com)

9 thoughts on “Coming Soon

  1. Shipping to Romania, please?

    1. Alin, Thank you for stopping by. Looking at a basic search of $20.96 USD. Depending on the amount of overseas purchases, we plan on helping out with the overseas shipping costs. Maybe meeting you lovely readers half way with cost. If you place an order, you’ll be only the second overseas at the moment.

    2. Alin,
      On a second note. We have decided to meet you half way with shipping costs. Any further questions feel free to email us hybridsequencemedia (at)

  2. Hey. Would like to get a copy in Canada if possible 😃

    1. Lee-Ann. I will cover half the shipping cost. Email us for an invoice. Hybridsequencemedia(at)

  3. Like the discussion thread – does that include shipping to Australia as well ?? 🙂

    1. Emiliyan,
      Yes we will meet you halfway with shipping costs. Once we know how much that is.

  4. hi there just wanted to check on the shipping price to Singapore and also if the book plate is still available?

    1. Thanks for stopping by.
      I sent an email with details on shipping to Singapore.

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