August in Review

Letters of the month L and W

We are getting closer to the best month of the year October. 56 days until Halloween and these busy hands are getting ready for next year. Here is our small month in review, stay tune for next month where we’ll try something a little different.

From laziness, washed up nobody to cleaning house, of an organization of dead bodies. Larry’s world goes into a spin cycle of bubbling blue messes, and not-so-clean happenings, only to discover he was meant to save the dead from living in a repeated death cycle.
Get yourself some quarters and detergent because you know nothing about working at a laundromat.

Why did I leave this book in the wash for so long? Recommended reading for all you Bizarro Heads and extreme horror.

What a great opening! I loved the origin story of Joseph and the grueling details on the concentration camp. The second half of the book tripped me up and hated Joseph for the choice he made. Overall such a great book. Recommend for horror fans!

Slasher literature is so much fun. Robinson serves it after hours, dropping bodies under a restaurant with death on the menu and the free breadsticks are served directly into your facial orifices, and it’s not marinara dripping from your mouth.
Hell yeah we need more wait staff like this.


Also read in August
The Land of Broken Sky – Jeremy Thompson
Lushbutcher- Saturday Night’s Alright for Butchering – Lucy Leitner
The Woods (Graphic Novel) Volume 1-2 – James Tynion, Michael Dialynas

The lovely Karla drops in with a Splatter Western and William Pauley III.

Cover Design by
Justin T. Coons

One does not have to be a fan of westerns to enjoy a Splatter Western, it’s a whole new world of the sinister and macabre. This has the setting of an old style western town including a saloon and brothel, but there are hidden secrets within.

Combining a fantastical realm alongside the earthly realm with devilry, alienish creatures, walking corpses, gunslingers, death and destruction, and splatting it with blood, guts and gore, abhorrent sexual endeavors, murder, destruction, and a battle between good and evil makes for a very entertaining and often times comical story to let oneself be immersed in.

Being the second installment of The Bedlam Bible Series, I could not wait to get started. I was excited to once again visit The Eighth Block Tower.

Although this sticks with the theme of the strange and bizarre, dripping with gross moments, it also has deeper content that is very relatable.
Creatively creepy!
Five Star Worthy!
Gloom and Doom
Horrific and uncanny!
Mind Blowing!

TIKTOK Queen Samantha Hawkins, had a busy month, but still drops in with here review of “Where The Dead Go To Die” by Aaron Dries and Mark Allan Gunnells.

“Where the Dead Go to Die is a chilling, post-modern reimagining in the zombie canon . . . you don’t want to come back as a Bone Eater!” – John Palisano, author of Dust of the Dead, Bram Stoker ® award-winner

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“Where The Dead Go To Die” by Aaron Dries and Mark Allan Gunnells

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Our close out song for the month comes from Nefarious Foodie.
You can find their entire music selection on Bandcamp. Here is the recent release. Check them out!

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