Hybrid Sequence Media

We are a diverse publisher focused on poetry, story collections, novellas, novels and writing in all its glorious forms. Founded in 2020.


Founder/CEO: Donald Armfield
Donald is a family man in the Untied States out of greater Massachusetts area. He founded Hybrid Sequence Media in 2020 after coming across so many writers that had to be recognized in the writing community. He loves working with these writers and fulfilling their dream. A hobby that became a job real quick and he still strives with passion to bring quality work for readers.

Business Manager: Shayne Keen
Shayne is a writer, guitarist, editor, and avid music enthusiast. Together with his partner, he is one half of the lo-fi recording duo Nefarious Foodie. Originally from northern Louisiana, he has lived in Texas, Utah, Indiana, Oregon, and New Mexico, now calling northern Michigan home. He has a lifelong passion for horror books and film, and always enjoys communicating with fellow artists about their work.

Assistant Graphic Designer: Jaundré van Breda
Jaundré is a self-taught traditional artist, freelance graphic designer and creative writer from South Africa. You can find him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter under the name Swallowing Paint. His Collection Ask the Vultures is a clever peck at reality.

Review Team: Karla Kay Peterson
Karla lives in Minnesota and is a Special Education Paraprofessional specializing in elementary school students. Her love for reading instilled from her mother at an early age and continues to find her comfort zone and escape to new worlds. Reviewing books has become a passion for her and the connection between other readers and even the authors behind the adventures at hand.
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