Catacomb Kittens


“Delacroix has woven a devilish tapestry with CATACOMB KITTENS; a bloody, twisting mythology featuring a new kind of cosmic monster, the dark magic that controls them, and the human lives that are destined to be either masters or meals. A bleak, gore-strewn vision, reminiscent of early Clive Barker, that horror readers will love sinking into.” – Philip Fracassi, author of Behold the Void and Beneath a Pale Sky

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A dark metafiction created from Yazidism folklore following fragments from a schizophrenia’s tunneling truth of her existence and the creatures that lurk in the shadows. Catacomb Kittens is something like modern day Italo Calvino mapping out a labyrinth of hypnotic designs, fictitious histories and devouring creatures.

Goodreads Reviews:

“Brightly colored feathers rouse the liminal edges of esoteric worlds, looming just beyond our own. Schizophrenia and mysticism combine to provide symbolic traces of an awakening. Eroticism, violence and cannibalism weave their spells, and underground, something comes alive to walk with the morning.”

“And the oneiric aspect strikes the most, it permeates the plot and subplots and embraces the settings and characters. The plot is successful, but what is most striking are the deities created quite to perfection. Wonderful and terrifying, to be adored and feared.”

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