Crab Lust


In this volume you’ll feel a pinch of courage, cowardice, hate, love, lust, profundity, nonsense, jealousy, honesty, lies, humility, joy, sadness and much more. Who knew you could find out so much about LIFE in a book of poetry about CRABS?
Lee Widener author of
Under The Shanghai Tunnels: and Other Weird Tales

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Hunter returns to the LUST series after ruffling our feathers with all of them chickens. Now the CRABS are pinching. These hard-shell anti-poetry romps flips the sandcastles upside down and takes you not just to the beach, but into the mind of these collective crustaceans. With 400 poems about crabs, you could say Mr. Hunter is an omniscient on these exoskeleton critters.
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