“John Paul Fitch’s debut collection Diabolique is visceral, raw, carnal and smart. With elements of gritty crime, macabre humor, body horror and good old-fashioned occult pulp along with plenty of monsters—human and otherwise—these pitch-black stories will keep aficionados of dark fiction turning pages late into the night.”  -Shirley Jackson Award Winning Writer,
Lynda Rucker


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Diabolique is a mashup up of horror fiction, bending the boundaries of indie horror with disturbing, grotesque features that leaves you only wanting more when it’s over. Take a devouring transformation, masked power, deranged surgeons, punk noir killers, supernatural and a touch of BDSM, toss it into your rib cage beside your heart and squeeze tightly. You’ll begin to perceive, partake and savor the stories within and gasp after each page. The debut collection from Scottish writer John Paul Fitch is a horrifying mix of cosmic measures, body horror and transgression fiction.

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