Hybrid: Misfits, Monsters and Other Phenomena


“A provocative, unsettling, and deeply affecting read with rich stories interspersed with the piercing clarity of the poems. Not a book to be read straight through from cover to cover—one needs to allow some reflection time for many of the pieces to settle in the heart and mind.” —Carol Gyzander, Bram Stoker Award®-nominated author

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20 Stories and poems with themes of otherness, outcasts, and creatures birthed by random or purposeful mutation, evolution, or perhaps even, a curse. Hybrids have always persisted in our cultures, fused through the construction / deconstruction of our own nightmares, dreams, and fantasies. These tales come from literal, metaphysical dualities that created something blended, something bizarre, something that didn’t quite belong, but will always remain. Beyond the darkness the creatures within can be unsettling, terrible or bleak. The fear that these creatures exist; lurking in shadows, or hidden in plain sight, can only leave one to wonder. From well recognized Award Winning writers spanning all parts of the world, and their summoned HYbriD creatures: Bruce Boston, Angela Yuriko Smith, Nicole Givens Kurtz, Alessandro Manzetti, Cindy O’Quinn, John Claude Smith, Marge Simon, Dr. Chris McAuley, Jamal Hodge, Michael Bailey, Lee Murray, Jeffrey Thomas, D. Harlan Wilson, Geneve Flynn, Michael Knost, John Palisano, Romie Stott, Philip Fracassi, Alicia Hilton, Linda D. Addison

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