Moon Mayor


“Thoroughly ridiculous, wonderfully British and full of weirdness, passion and wild satire alike. Meekings finds the best of us in the worst among us.” – Garrett Cook, author of A God of Hungry Walls.


After being caught in bed with a headless pageant winner, Abraham Lincoln (no relation) is stripped of his duties as the mayor of Gyre, the harbor-like town where garbage clings to its spiraling shores. The townsfolk stand their grounds of disrespectful rage over their former mayor. Factions of humans, animals, dinosaurs, zombies, chewing-gum, fairy-folk and gangster snowmen have already began welcoming the new mayor… Moon and an alien invasion they don’t even see coming. Abe sees nothing but bad news and teams up with a young cub reporter and a nihilistic, signing bear to take back his thrown before the whole town turns to garbage like its shores. Meeking’s sci-fi-political Bizarro is something like Mike Resnick’s: John Justin Mallory series meets Tim Burton’s Mars Attack.

Cover Artwork by Kristen Tomaru, author & Illustrator Night Terrors (Sugar Plums & Nightmares 2021)

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