Night’s Plutonian Shore


“Bone-chilling, brimming with tension, raw emotion, and vivid imagery, Boatmans Night’s Plutonian Shore is a haunting read from beginning to end. A coming-of-age tale like no other, one that I could not put down, and did not want to end.” –Candace Nola, author of Bishop.


After Researching sustainable energy Rick’s best friend Wally has discovered a means to tap into the bioplasmic energy field that surrounds all living things. He envisions trains and office towers running off collective psi. But when he invites his friends over to test his psychotronic generator, they unleash demons residing inside them, their worst fears are known and in the seat of primal sits a nightmare like no other. With body counts, survival, and fast paced horror at your fingertips, you’ll be looking at your reflection a little different…. maybe even your doppelgänger.

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