A campy horror of regret, synchronously morphing into a monstrous, unexpected outcome. High school adultescent can be tough sometimes, especially if you’re hiding inside a snail shell refusing to come out, shelling out the world around you even your best friend. Snailbutter is a Bizarro punch of imagination packed with evil genetically-modified animals, sexy robots, Nazi scientists, cannibal lovers, cute British girls from other dimensions, and much more. What will become of Brian while he is inside the giant snail shell?

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Goodreads Reviews:

“I began reading this book on a whim and was immediately drawn in by the interesting and oddly relatable characters. Once you are pulled into this bizarre and strangely humorous world, it is very hard to leave it behind before the last page forces you out of your shell of surprise and wonder.”

“Sometimes all you need is a little butter to get you to slip out of your shell. Ben Fitts SNAILBUTTER is an odd sort of coming-of-age tale about monsters. The monster monsters and the people monsters. This is a bona fide bizarro story that wields the weird in the best possible ways.”

Cover Design by: Jaundré van Breda

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