The Box


Beyond the depths of cosmic, body horror and grotesque fiction comes sixteen tales wrapped tightly in a BOX. Whatever you pull out first after opening will surely haunt your psyche.


“This is a book of transformations, where victim and victor shift roles at the turn of a twisted tale. From abjection and depravity to wistful, unfulfilled love, Couturier guides us through the realm of appetite, and what it turns us into. Body horror, science fiction, and the paranormal are lenses through which he shows us the unforgiving food chain we participate in. Open this box and partake in its implacable calculus.”—Jayaprakash Satyamurthy, author of COME TOMORROW and STRENGTH OF WATER

“A collection of weird tales worthy of the original Weird Tales, a book to put on your shelf next to your battered Clark Ashton Smiths, “The Box and Others” is a kaleidoscopic study in contrasts—wonderfully nostalgic but always forward-looking, terrifying, gloriously inventive, and grimly funny. More than anything, it’s a showcase for Couturier’s near-boundless imagination. Here are the long-dead sorcerers, the obsessed archaeologists, the reluctant explorers of the abyssal depths, but set in and around the heathen temples of modern society: the late night truck stops, the spooky recycling centers, the broke-down carnivals and cramped apartments of the modern age. These sixteen twisted tales go down smooth, like fine vintage wine, but reimagined for the modern age and told with such robust, wicked glee you can’t help but marvel at Couturier’s enthusiasm and remarkably deft touch. Highly recommended.”—Polly Schattel, author of THE OCCULTISTS and SHADOWDAYS

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