The Unreliable Narrator and the Raven-haired Girl

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“If Bukowski woke up hungover at his parole officer’s house, uninvited and unwelcome, then journaled the experience stating that that was the mild portion of last night’s misadventure, that would be close to this read! In addition to it being out right amazing, it stayed with me long after the last page. I was actually affected by it. My girlfriend read it and cried on one page, then laughed threw her tears on the next. I love this book way too much. It felt like reading a classic while it was still new.” -Goodreads Review

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A dark romp through the miseries of emotional disorders sublimated by military conscription is the poetic anthology of a Raven-haired girl by a self-styled Unreliable Narrator. It spares family relationships, sexual attacks by pedophiliac priests, obesity, and drug addiction. The author’s self-esteem is reduced by unsuccessful psychotherapy and antidepressants. It is tortured soul, who does not believe his life is worth insuring. Limericks with flashes of humor frolic through a quagmire of misfortune as the poet accurately criticizes the disingenuity of promoting a drinking culture without chronicling its destructive aftermath.The Raven-haired Girl cannot be appropriately characterized as a maudlin mess; instead, it analogizes the poet’s struggle for dignity through allegory of lost love as he envisages a heaven filled with ravens and wine instead of angels and doves. There is a seriousness to heartache, loss and addiction that no one can argue even an Unreliable Narrator.

“It’s a riveting wonderful book I could not put it down I read it in one night I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Quick trips through A tortured mind.” -B&N Review

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1 review for The Unreliable Narrator and the Raven-haired Girl

  1. Tanja wyss

    I’ve read this book 3 times already! I have to force myself not to start it over again! It is so good, I have no doubt it will be looked back on as a cult classic! I need to order another copy because mine is completely worn out! I take it with me places and force people to listen to me read some of my favorite pages from

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