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October in Review

All Us Witches: a handmade masterpiece, an experimental novelette or a writing experience, that tips the hat to the Lancashire Witches. Leyshon brings Geraldine Monk’s words into his cut-up photography writing style, uses Lewis Carrol’s Ladder Puzzle creating a story from MAGIC to SPELL also features: Rhys Hughes and Jordan Krall.

And the Night Did Claim Them is brilliant!
Bradshaw delivers a darkness we all face one day. Whether it’s loss, regret or something you can’t let go—the darkness is there. Waiting for you to tip your glass and say farewell. The light will be on the other side, when we except what is gone and make the choice to cross into the murky depths of the night.

Does the AI-powered home exorcism kit really send those demons back to Hell? The host of the Mind Matters podcast sits down with the visionary who disrupted the exorcism industry who uses machine learning to communicate with Satan’s spawn. In this interview, host Tim Richmond asks the tough questions to find out whether all the viral videos of people with demonic possession are real, and if his Bluetooth-enabled device is all we need to prevent Hell on Earth. YOU NEED TO READ THIS!!

A neighborhood becomes the blueprint of death under an architect’s gruesome curse and his house of horrors. Powerful character development, horrifying and evil. Hollow House is an infectious page turner, with a foundation of dread and atrocities violent by design.
Recommended for Haunted House fanatics!

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Also read in October
Time Is a Mother – Ocean Vuong – Poetry
Night Sky with Exit Wounds – Ocean Vuong – Poetry
Powers Vol. 1-3 – Michael Bendis – Graphic Novels
Hollow House – Greg Chapman – Horror
Wytches – Scott Snyder – Graphic Novel
Graveneye – Sloane Leong – Graphic Novel
Satan’s Hideaway – Matthew Vaughn – Extreme Horror

Samantha Hawkins drops in with her scariest read for October


“THE HOUSE OF TEARS “Thomas screamed until his lungs were empty. And it was then that he understood why this place was called The House of Tears.”
Erotic Horror, BDSM, desires fulfilled and a longing for forgiveness. Dark and disturbing. This one is a definite favorite!!”
“Each of these are entertaining and are sure to satisfy any horror lovers dark desires when getting lost in dark fiction.” …READ HERE REVIEW HERE!

Close out Song comes from
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