Tales from the Vinegar Wasteland

Tales from the Vinegar Wasteland

The return of Vinegar Wasteland slaps the absurdity on the table like a slab of beef. Fracalossy’s surreal and psychotic hallucination is hysterical, romantically short-lived and madness; all spun together into outlandish antics that may just remove a part of your face. Including two new tales and the novelette “mOsbURand.”


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Raving Reviews:

“Masterpiece of bizarro-surreallist literature, evoking absurd as the protagonist lives his daily life. The plot can be summed up in a few words (a man lives a day in his life), but the magic of this book is in the imagery. Fracalossy is a poet, and a hilarious one at that. If you enjoy absurdism, surrealism, or bizarro, Fracalossy has written a love letter to your brain. If you don’t know that you enjoy these art forms yet then this book works as a great introduction.”

“For any fan of Daniil Kharms, this work is a must. Not only does Ray make homages here and there to Kharms, but he throws in his own magical words and ideas to create a very entertaining read. Fluid, easy to read because it jumps straight into the matter at hand–absurdism. No pretentious-sounding post-modern-sounding jargon.”

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