The Hybrid Corner

Welcome to The Hybrid Corner, pull up a chair and take a seat. All eyes and ears are on you, poet and writer, as you take us down whatever lane you choose. We are looking forward to your flight of fancy and being at your mercy. Scare us if you’d like, make us laugh uncomfortably, uncontrollably. Or just make us feel what you wish.
The Hybrid corner is open and it’s time to make a place by the fire.

The Hybrid Corner will feature a poem or very short piece of flash fiction (up to 500 words) twice a month. To submit please send your poem or short piece of flash fiction to

The first author we have in The Hybrid Corner is Sharon Ferrante. Her debut collection
“The Choir of Crickets” was published with Hybrid Sequence Media in 2022.

I Tell the Garden Ghost

Photo by Ralph Nas

I know when it’s time
for you to come
you lure me here
like I’m a century
have me taste your scent
while you drip
your tenuous melody

it was that thorn
I brushed upon
you had it grow
inside me
forcing me
to hold my living chains
quiet them
be your dead flower

you won’t stop until
I leave everything behind
become just like you

lucky ghost

We Previously

Photo credit – Atlas Obscura

feared the time
what’s unseen
and a poets head
below a guillotine
no matter
the century
or how a bell rings
we fear
a broken tooth
chewing on
the monster things

both poems previously unpublished © 2023 – Sharon Ferrante