The Word For Poetry Is Poetry

The Word For Poetry Is Poetry

Doubinsky’s new collection has more anticipation than the blooming of a Corpse Plant. A profound masterpiece in simplest text, growing in a garden of words—just waiting to bloom and speak its wisdom. ” Seb Doubinsky’s THE WORD FOR POETRY IS POETRY is a series of small poems inhabited by the ghosts of Basho, Burroughs, Heraclitus and Roque Dalton. There aren’t that many writers haunted by all of those dudes, but Doubinsky is. These poems are playful like koans, bossy like Rilke’s letters, and beautiful like haiku. This is a singular reading experience whose deceptive simplicity forces you to rethink the Big Questions.” — Matthew Rohrer


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Goodreads Reviewer:

Seb Doubinsky is one of the rare authors to excel as much in prose, through his novels or short stories, as in the poetic field. His art of poetry is fascinating from all points of view by the modernity of his subject and the freedom, the power of his writing. 

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