The Function Room


“Matt Leyshon’s stories manage to combine threads of dark-hued English pastoral fantasy with the logic of nightmare. Like Worzel Gummidge cast adrift in a Ligottian fever dream, these interlinked tales carve out their own niche in which to fester.”
-Gary McMahon, author of The Concrete Grove.

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Interlocking nightmares and a welcoming note to Leddenton, where a black horizon feeds over the filth and decaying matter, death walks in shadows and disturbing creatures devour any sort of reality mentioned in the narrator’s tongue. A Disturbia of sorts but the neighborly presence drips with visceral gloom and pokes at the worse things imagined.

“These stories force you along a narrowing tunnel of unpleasantness, only to trap you in some forgotten loop of Hadean bowel with no exit.” -Joseph D’Lacey, author of Black Dawn Series.

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